PREAMBLE (hereinafter “the Site”) is published by CHUBERB Company with the capital of 240,000 euros, whose head office at 24 rue Dumenge 69004 Lyon , registered in the Companies Register (RCS) of Lyon under the n°788 747,780, number of intracommunity VAT n° FR35 788,747,780 (hereinafter “ CHUBERB Company”).

 All the orders carried out on the Site are subjected to the present general terms of sale. CHUBERB Company reserves the right to constantly adapt or modify the present ones, the version of the general terms of sale applicable to any transaction being that being reproduced online on the Site at the time of the order. The acceptance of the general terms of sale will consist in the fact, for the Customer, of notching the box corresponding to the following sentence: “I read the general terms of sale and I adhere to it without reserve”. The acceptance of these general terms supposes on behalf of the Customer that he enjoys legal capacity necessary for that, or failing to have of it the authorization of a tutor or a curator if he is unable or of his legal representative if he is minor.


To be able to carry out an order on the Site, the Customer must own a Clients' account. To create a Clients' account, the Customer must click on the topic “Identification" and record his personal data there. By doing this, he must make sure of the exactitude and the exhaustiveness of the obligatory data, which he provides. In the event of error in the wording of the contact of the recipient, CHUBERB Company could not be held responsible for impossibility of delivering the product.

When the Customer validates the creation of his Account, CHUBERB Company will address e-mail of confirmation recapitulating its access codes to him.


The offered products for sale are those presented and described on the Site, within the limit of stocks available. These products do not profit from contractual warranty, only the legal warranties are applicable. CHUBERB Company takes the greatest care in the presentation and the description of these products to satisfy the Customer’s need of information. However, in the event of nonconformity of the product delivered compared to his description on the Site, the Customer will be able to exercise his right of retraction.


The order taking on the Site is subjected to the respect of the procedure installation by CHUBERB Company whose stages are the following ones:

  • The Customer chooses one or more models among the various collections presented on the online shop (“Shop”).
  • For each selected product, it defines the size and the number of desired specimens and adds them to the “Cart” while clicking on the corresponding button.
  • The Customer consults the summary of the order contained in the “Cart”, checks the detail of this order and its total price, corrects possible errors, and validates the order definitively. Any order validated by the click of the Customer is final and acceptance sale contract of the whole stipulations hereto.

CHUBERB Company will refuse any order from a Customer with whom there would exist a litigation or an incident relating to the payment of a former order or which would contravene the provisions hereto. On this assumption, CHUBERB Company will inform by e-mail the Customer. Should the Customer fail to correct to the CHUBERB Company the erroneous or contrary elements to the present general terms of sale, CHUBERB Company reserves the right not to treat the order.  

E-mail of confirmation recapitulating the order (produced, price, size, quantity, method of payment, addresses of delivery and invoicing) will be addressed to the Customer by CHUBERB Company . For this purpose, the Customer formally accepts the use of e-mail for the confirmation by CHUBERB Company of the contents of his order.


The prices of the products (the product indicating a pair of socks) are indicated in euros, all inclusive of tax for the Metropolitan France and the European Union, except participation in the shipping costs.

The total price of the order (taxes and shipping costs understood) is indicated in the shopping cart.

For the countries out of the European Union, the displayed selling prices are indicated out-taxes and could not benefit a deduction of VAT. The Customer recognizes that he is regarded as the official importer and therefore, according to the country of delivery chosen at the time of the order, will have to discharge customs duties and/or of importation according to the legislation in force in the aforementioned country.  

CHUBERB Company reserves the right to modify its prices constantly but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the going rates at the time of the validation of the order by the Customer, subject to availability.

The products are payable cash the day of the effective order.

The payment of the purchases is carried out by credit card.

The Customer will reach a space provided by the banking institution, the Crédit Agricole, which ensures safety and recording about payment. In this respect, the Customer recognizes expressly that the communication of its banking card number at CHUBERB Company is worth authorization of flow of its account to the amount of the ordered products. The data recorded and preserved by CHUBERB Company constitute the proof of the order and the whole of the last transactions. The data recorded by the system of payment constitutes the proof of the financial transactions.


The treatment of the order and its expedition intervene in the 72 hours (working days) according to the reception of the payment.

The delivery is sent at the delivery’s address indicated by the Customer, being specified that this one must be the address of residence of the Customer or any natural person of his choice.

So that the delivery is carried out as soon as possible, the Customer must ensure to communicate exact and complete informations concerning the address of delivery (while specifying in particular:  house number, building, staircase, access codes, names and/or numbers of intercom, etc). CHUBERB Company could not be held responsible for possible errors of input and the consequences in terms of delay or error of delivery.  

CHUBERB Company could not be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay of transport or delivery not being its fact.

In the event of the delivery period, exceeding 15 days and except emergency, the Customer has faculty to cancel his order, by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery, near the customer service of CHUBERB Company , within a maximum delay 60 days as from the departure beyond the maximum delivery date indicated during the ordering. The contract will be regarded as broken with the reception by CHUBERB Company of the registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, if the delivery did not take place between the sending and the reception of the letter. CHUBERB Company will proceed to the full repayment of the sums paid by the Customer as soon as possible and at the latest in the 30 days following the reception of the registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery. If it does not wish to cancel its order, the Customer will offered by CHUBERB Company goods of an equivalent quality and price.  

In the event of damaged parcels (accidently opened, loss of produce…), the Customer commits himself notifying to the carrier and CHUBERB Company, by any means, all complains as soon as possible according to the reception of the product.


The Customer has a right of retraction in accordance with the L121-20 article of the Code of the Consumption, which it can exert without reason within a period of 7 clear days as from the delivery of the order, which will be exerted by the return at its own expenses of the new products (in their packing of origin, not carried, not washed) accompanied by the number of following order at the address:


24 rue Dumenge

69004 Lyon


CHUBERB Company will refund to the Customer the previously versed sums, after deduction of the possible forwarding costs, under the conditions aimed to article 7 following.


Refunding of the products on the assumptions aimed to article 2 and 6 will be carried out by CHUBERB Company within a 30 day maximum delay after the reception by it of the aforesaid products. Refunding will be carried out according to the same mode of regulation used by the Customer at the time of his order.


Any order carries automatically adhesion of the Customer to the General terms of Sale. These general terms of sale are controls by French Law. In the event of litigation, only the French courts are qualified. In the event of difficulty or of claim at the time of an order, the Customer can contact CHUBERB Company to find a friendly solution, via the form available in contact.